In President 'Perman, we find a Permanent Legacy'

 Congratulations to
Chancellor Jay A. Perman, MD, who strengthened the 

University's pursuit of excellence in education, research,
clinical care, and public service for a decade'.University of Maryland, Baltimore

On December 12th, the University of Maryland Baltimore gave a fitting farewell to a remarkable leader, Jay A. Perman, MD, President. During his leadership, the school excelled in sundry ways in improving health research to help African communities, uplifting lives in communities in Baltimore and many more.

At the event, President Perman was greeted by staff and faculty, students, and workers all of whom worked tirelessly to make UMB a great learning experience, and to radiate that learning experience to beam out positively to the larger society . A video was screened which unveiled his outstanding contributions to UMB and Maryland, as well as a decade long experiences in making a difference beyond the confines of Maryland.

President Perman took a people-centered approach to stirring the ship of UMB. 'This was the best decade of my life' he said. He thanked the staff and everyone who made his years as President successful. He says it's not just because of what they have done, but because they do so with such love and dedication and purpose and it was a privilege to have been 'surrounded by servant-leaders driven by a mission to be of help to others'.

President Perman tells the story with wisdom and passion. "One day a group of them, 8 or 9 years old, asked to meet with me, and gave me a piece of artwork they’d made. The art featured a quote that’s stuck with me for many years. It’s something Malcolm Forbes once said: People who matter are most aware that everyone else does, too. Those children in rural Kentucky who gave me that quote — they knew what it felt like to not matter. They knew what it felt like to be overlooked and underestimated. And then I saw them transformed under the warm, clarifying light of attention and encouragement and resources. I saw their new confidence and poise. I saw them shine — just like they were always meant to. Just like all of us are meant to. Those kids taught me what it feels like to matter".

It is in President Perman that we find a permanent legacy. It is a legacy that Bruce Jarrell (UMB Provost who is named Interim UMB President and to succeed Pernam), finely puts it as a legacy that will be 'permanent', a fondly way of playing on words and using pun on Perman's name. Thus a new word coined as: #PERMANent, which Perman noted is 'a promise our work together will endure'.

"And so as I leave here to become chancellor of the University System of Maryland, my charge to you is threefold. The first is to live your lives in the certainty that you matter. That your work matters. That this University matters. The second is to tell the story of UMB — to everyone, every time you can. Because we have to win people to our work. It shouldn’t be hard. After all, talent is a magnet. Talent attracts talent. Innovation attracts innovation. And just as assuredly, service attracts service. Love attracts love".

We thank him for his illustrious service!

Andrew Benson Greene
BA - (English, Civil Law and International Relations '98 (Fourah Bay College of the University of Sierra Leone)
Masters of Science in Law Student, 


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