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Cheverly Women's Club Host Black History Month at the American Legion

More Details and updates - Coming soon

Amongst the highlights of this year's Cheverly black history month held on Sunday, March 4th were the visible presence of a diverse group of young people. Of noticeable spotlight were African American young folks, who are making their communities better by being involved in artistic programs that are aesthetic and authentic.
Allotted a spot to display their arts work in one corner of the big hall of the American Legend in Cheverly, the young African American Artist made their work visible and exhibited works of arts that were worth their price and of artistic value.

You cannot miss Shaymar Higgs a Maryland -based African American fine artist, who through his artistic freedom takes us through the artistic path of an imaginary voyage to Africa. He  brings the African continent to the door steps of his community and helps his community reflect their roots and culture a home away from home.
He must be given credit for the very close replica of…

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