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When the unwanted water arrived

When the unwanted water arrived. Andrew Benson GREENE (In memory of the flood victims of Sierra Leone)

They were deprived of life when the unwanted water arrived

And then, they were dispossessed of life and a chance to live,

When their slumber was less alert

When their slumber was less-prepared to confront

That extreme affront

Of the outpouring flood of rain.

A fatal flood that bulldozed its way

In the darkest hour of the night.

And before the coming of daylight

They were left to come face to face with the intemperate rage

Of nature’s heavy downpour, its damage never seen in our age.

They were our friends,

They were our families,

They were our neighbors,

They were our schoolmates,

They were our countrymen and women from Sierra Leone

Who were whisked away from the peak of ‘Regent’

Or its valley by the brutal arms of an urgent flood

The unwanted water that flowed with human blood.

They were pulled away from the beds of their ‘Sugar Loaf’ homes.

They were swept away with splash that las…

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