American Promise Unravels 'The Purple effect'.

The purple effect

From October 19-21 2019, I joined others for the annual American Promise event National Citizen
Leadership Conference, which took place  at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA. 
Participants were provided with a unique opportunity to connect with Americans from all the 50 states. Undoubtedly, these are motivated citizens who are truly passionate about seizing the opportunity for once-in-a-generation structural reforms at such a critical time when it is needed most. in the country. The event embraced all people whether participants came from a business background or  a student, a faith leader, a farmer, a philanthropist or a political leader, It bridges the political divide between Independent, Republican or Democrat, and geared towards making a better America for families and the wider society.

At American Promise, they see a democratic society that is being flawed by big money in politics and political corruption, and they want to change this by eliminating the interference of big money in politics through citizenship participation and collective voice. They see where the political parties represented by two major political parties’ democrats and republicans can also find common ground to tackle the issues that are at the core of everyday Americans. It is just coincidental that This Fall, in one of my Law classes at the Maryland University Francis King Carey School of Law, I read about the US constitution and it’s numerous amendments and articles. 

Then to discover an organization such as the American Promise that is really bringing people to help find ways to amend the US constitution, people from all 50 states who care about the stability of American democracy was a welcoming invitation to activist for democratic change throughout the country. The American Promise is relentless in its efforts in finding solutions to fill the gaps and the unforeseen errors in the US constitution. I welcome the invitation to be part of this group and received a scholarship to attend.

And so,  I call this the ‘purple effect’ a result of blue and red combination. But it goes beyond this color combination symbolic of putting the interest of the American people beyond politics and greed, and to find a common ground which creates more impact and ripple effects. 
It is indeed an ongoing battle and a struggle to win the Big money out of politics, but it is not insurmountable, as the energy, passion, dedication of the attendees at the 3rd annual American Promise National Citizenship Leadership conference reveals.


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