Little by little we innovate together - at the small BizExpo - [Walter E. Washington Convention Centre. DC].

Little by little we innovate together - At the inspirational Small Business Expo, May 9th, 2019. Held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre. DC hashtag#smallbusinessexpo

We love small business.

On May 9th, 2019, I attended the inspirational Small Business Expo which was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre. in the nation's capital in DC. I knew that I should not miss this one not only because of its proximity to where I live in Baltimore, but because of the calibre of speakers and workshops and the opportunities of networking and finding possible leads as I begin to grow my small business and start-up. 

The city itself have become a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and indeed, 'Washington D.C. has scaled up its entrepreneurship in recent decades and is now one of the hottest business ecosystems in the Country'. It is a great for innovation to learn that new startups are launching daily and established businesses continue to thrive in this capital and a motivation for the rest of the country and the world.

The Small Business Expo started in 2008, and has been well-established over the decade as a fun-filled educational activity that continuously motivate and assists Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to thrive especially in an ecosystem where the challenges for entrepreneurs of color, or of disadvantaged backgrounds cannot often be bedeviled by the extreme challenges in starting a business, and where their inventions are therefore unlikely to see the light of day without such supportive environment. My attendance to the DC expo will be my second time in taking full advantage of the benefits the events offered and which has been a source of positive interaction with like-minded small businesses and start-ups as well as others already seasoned in the field who acted as speakers, workshop presenters and coaches. It has propelled me to take some steps towards finding traction and growth and as a result of the positive interaction and workshops, it has provided me with transformation for my business to grow,  build valuable new business relationships, learn from industry experts and shop from exhibitors that have products & services that help a Small Business grow.

The Small Business Expo, I have learned,  has been moving from one city to the other, transforming start-ups and small business as they leave their foot-prints of inspiration and mentoring in every path they thread. 

These expo activities has attracted a critical mass of innovators and entrepreneurs who flock to the event in their numbers, and have ignited talents and funding in the DC area and neighbouring MD and VA states, and identified businesses for scale. Like many States the Nation’s Capital has key advantages in terms of technology, resources and the presence of top talents. In this ecosystem, small businesses are also facing a huge competition to tap the available resources and there has been growth and successes in of small businesses in impressive numbers.

I joined thousands of upcoming startups and successful Small Businesses Owners and Entrepreneurs - in  Washington D.C. Small Business Expo and lively workshops and exhibits as well. The workshops has been very important and insightful, and helped me along my path to innovation and entrepreneurship to acquire business-critical skills, tactics, and tools to help run my business more efficiently and boost my efficiency, revenue and growth plan.

The Small business Expos has successfully hosted  events in 17 Major US Cities and this includes Exhibitor Hall, Workshops & Seminars, Product Demonstrations, Speed-Networking, a Business Card Exchange, Industry Connections and many other valuable networking areas.  

Since inception, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners take their business to the next level.

We are proud to be a part of the National Small Business Community and hope to see you at one of our Small Business Expos this year.


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