Where is your ‘Y’?

What difference do you make in your community?  Where is your ‘Y’?  What's your life's purpose? How do you strive to make a difference in the world?

The ‘Y’  in Rolling Road Catonsville community has answered the questions 'why' are they here?  ever since its inception and they continue to show why their programs do exist, and how it strives to cater for the wellbeing of everyone in the community. They really also got the community at heart and so many people are reciprocating and responding positively to their clarion call to build 'healthy spirit, mind and body for all'.

At Frederick's Fridays social evening gatherings, I checked in with a few staffers at the Y and immediately got some inkling into the thriving human development programs.

I also picked up a few info, forms and brochures that show the top fitness programs that the Y readily offers.

These include such programs as indoor swimming pools and gym and Cybex strength training equipment, Free weights FitQuest, their personalized fitness program that is inclusive of the  Y membership.

You can't beat that as there are also a host of membership benefits such as an accompanying Y Fitness Coach to guide you in your journey to make a healthy transition. The amenities are almost endless and they are very exciting amenities.

You got to choose between wall climbing or be hooked up with other health and fitness enthusiasts in ‘group exercise studios for Zumba, body sculpt and more
Spacious lobby with fireplace,
Family Room with foosball, air hockey, board games, computer and more. There is also a dedicated cycle studio’. And they have lots more coming soon!

The YMCA further shortened as the Y is also catching them young by catering enthusiastically for kids through their ‘Stay & camp; Play supervised activity room for kids’ whilst their parents exercise.

Everyone has got some exercises to get the body stretched out and there is even a chance to be fit in the more open spaces at the outdoor pavilions, thanks to the state of the earth infrastructure and fitness facilities.

I learnt that the 'Y' in Catonsville is a full-service Y that offers a wide variety of classes including group exercise, swim lessons, water fitness, youth sports, martial arts, drop-in workshops and more!

What brought me closer to the Y booth was the purpose-driven programs for youth that kept the Y staffers and associates busy and on all fours on fund-raising quest to bring youth to the summer camps. Through donations, sale and purchase of drinks at the Y booths during the refreshing hours of entertaining music concerts at Frederick's Fridays some young folks will, at last,t have a space to get a sound mind and a healthy body. 
With summer almost here the Y has got a focus on the youth. They are bringing them to the summer camps where they are challenged to undergo some training through the Y’s summer sports clinics and swimming lessons. The summer camps have already kicked-off providing youth weekly sessions and is expected to last till August. I think there are still rooms  and available spaces and more resources are needed to get some of the youth who can ill-afford to meet the cost to attend to have that valuable experience. I think they were also raising funds to also better organize the camps as well.

Thankfully Frederick's Fridays social evening and fundraising by the Y could bring some glimmer of hope for youth poised to attend the summer camp.

However, the inclement weather which showed some early signs and threats of rain may have had the tendency to dampen the spirit  of the attendees and ward off everyone away. Yet,  the determination of all to stay glued to the spot, listen to the soothing music, catch up with friends and family and forge new acquaintances was strong enough and didn't hold sway to a cloudy weather. Indeed the weather remained a bit temperamental for the rest of that evening and showed early threats of rain bui it didn't pour down. Instead of the downpour of rain, it was the ‘Automatic  Slim Band’ scheduled for that evening’s show (by The Catonsville Chamber of Commerce to perform), that poured their heart and soul into the evening's entertainment through there incredible songs and talent. Instead of rain came an outpouring of music entertainment from Acoustic Slim that was capable of raising their creative voices in support of the  fund raising. Instead, it was the Automatic Slim that poured down reverberation of sounds and a creative splash of music.  

I was part of the revelers supporting the Y. Like many, I knew that every cup of drink will ultimately contribute to the Y’s vision of contributing to the  health and wellbeing of young  people and bring them to the camp where they can find the nurturing experience to learn,  grow and thrive, explore and discover for themselves a truly healthy habit in a conducive  place.
And there are mentors who are ready and they  love to help these youth at the summer camps  reach their fitness goals.   
The Y has indeed found their Y and a purpose to a meaningful life, by motivating everyone  to be healthy, to live a life of  combination of good health and which can well bring a great sense of confidence, enkindled the mind, and provide a positive self-esteem.

At the Y individuals undergo training and workouts from certified fitness coaches that help them reach their  fitness goals.
Look out for the Acoustics Slim band perform live!
I found my #Y.
Here is my 'why'.








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