The Peace Pole - Poems on War, Peace, Ebola and Hope in Sierra Leone


The Peace Pole

Poems on War, Peace, Ebola and Hope in Sierra Leone

by Andrew Benson Greene - B-Gifted Founder   

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'These youths, torn from their homes and forced to commit horrible acts under great duress, effectively became Sierra Leone's lost generation. When peace was finally achieved in 2001, these youths were left without families, direction, or hope.
These poems are a reflection of his own experiences throughout the ravages of war, as he struggled to make sense of the reality that faced thousands of beleaguered Salone souls'. Sarika Jain

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A new Poetry Book on Peace has been published online!!! Via Kobo and Via Amazon.
The book contains poems about peace in post-conflict Sierra Leone by one of Sierra Leone’s foremost peace activists. The book is intended to send kids who have lived through the era of war and Ebola back to innovative school, in Sierra Leone. This is a special New Year for all peace lovers and activists and those in the frontiers of global national and global justice and change.

These works of art which have all been summed up in this volume as a great gift and will allow you to experience the transitions from war to peace in Sierra Leone.. For over two decades, Andrew Benson Greene has been reading and reciting his original works to his friends and family. After carefully reading and discussing his poems to some friends and colleagues, and family, they also thought that it is time for celebrating his unique talent that ushers peace!. This original work of art will make a handsome addition to any library. It will be a treasured family keepsake to last for generations. You are just a click away in putting a smile in the faces of these kids

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