I Joined TEDCO and Baltimore community to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 14-18

TEDCO and many of Baltimore’s  Innovation Companies and Tink Tanks, assembled at the Hilton  Hotel in downtown Baltimore to share, inspire, learn and engage each other on the new trends in innovative technology and to hear from and support some of the breathtaking start-ups that have emerged out of Maryland.

In all of these efforts, the innovators and entrepreneurs again converged to celebrate the start of the  Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), which is considered as ‘the world’s biggest celebration of entrepreneurship’. It is celebrated around the world too as a weeklong festival of live innovation events taking place throughout the world.

At the event in Baltimore, the attendees, companies, business start-ups and individual entrepreneurs were there to celebrate and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit a State-wide entrepreneurship ecosystem and helps people at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey to get off the ground and possibly get the help they need.

This was TEDCO’s 6th Annual Entrepreneurship Expo where participants were encouraged to pitch, network, learn and be inspired as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

I was  inspired by the Keynote Speakers Robert L Wallace founder of BITHGROUP Technologies and Ron Gula Founder of Tenable Network Security.

Robert Wallace said "To control the future we must innovate the future" and admonished innovators and participants  to " Challenge your biases and become more comfortable being uncomfortable", and through technology innovators can help others "see the light in the midst of darkness".

There were several sessions and  activities designed to help participants explore their potential as self-starters and innovators, as well as a chance to pitch for visibility and scaling up of start-ups in Baltimore.

Other activities include the grand exhibition of various technology companies  from large-scale companies to emerging technology companies as well as sessions and talks that encouraged a wide variety of  intimate discussions,  networking gatherings, and a connection of participants to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors, whilst introducing them to new possibilities and a pool of exciting opportunities.
TEDCO has become the largest publicly funded Tech-transfer and commercialisation organization that takes ideas from proof of concept all the way through serious day financing and the largest in the country to do that and it is happening right here in this great city of Baltimore.

You can imagine just how many events were happening on that very day of Global Entrepreneurship Week around the world as we converge here at the Hilton hotel in Baltimore City. There were roughly around 35,000 events happening at the same time around 125 different countries.
This event provided an unprecedented opportunity for us to come over and meet a mentor, test our rough ideas, experience a great showcase of startups in our city and learn how in my life I will pursue my interest and skills and join others in the startup eco-system. This opportunity also gave me online access to learning about what others were engaged in within Maryland as I network with others around different countries. The event and all the impressive speakers, by and large evokes the much talked about idea that entrepreneurs can be the force for change who can actually make the world a better place thst goes far beyond just economic but the way we live and relate to one another.

The world is changing and as Jonathan Ortmans puts it: " the field of entrepreneurship is no longer something of narrow commercial significance. It's  something of more cultural consequence. It's something that represents the possibility of human endeavor for the benefit of all.

The globalization of Startup communities actually gives the world a much better chance at solving some of the  the intractable challenges of the decades past. so in the sense we see more citizens trying their hand in helping the world innovate its way out of these challenges.

The world needs more entrepreneurs. It's a question of inspiring more people to recognize that it is more important to the future of their society than they previously recognize"

TEDCO's 6th Annual Entrepreneurship Expo has in many respects re-echoed  what Jonathan Ortmans the President of Global Entrepreneurship Week once said.
" Through GEW, we envision a world of more citizens finding better ways of doing things, fearless about disrupting markets and challenging past assumptions.— Jonathan Ortmans,
President, Global Entrepreneurship Week


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