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Baltimore Innovation Week 2016 is presented by 14 West and it is Technical.ly’s fifth annual week-long celebration of technology and innovation happening from September 23 to  October 1, 2016.

The event weaved together many of the brightest in the creative, tech and innovation industry in the city of Baltimore. The event was climaxed by a final dinner to recognize and celebrate the achievement, impact and vision of innovative 'Baltimorians'. 

  Attending the workshop 'talking about perfecting your pitch at business track day.

The event brought together entrepreneurs from across Baltimore and beyond to provide fresh insight and perspectives  into several innovation trends which the Baltimore Innovation Week organizers at Technical.ly have wittingly structured into 7 different tracks.

These tracks are as follows: 'Creative, Access, Dev, Civic, Business, Media and Sciences).

I was pleased to attend several of these events which tally with my areas of interest, thanks to the organizers at Technical.ly who judiciously provided me the scholarship opportunity.

The description of the tracks clearly shows the areas of focus in the innovative sectors. There is the civic track which shows: 'The impact of technology on government and civil society. Think: digital media, civic hacking, open data.'

The Access Track which discusses 'diversity and education issues that affect everyday citizens. Think: digital divide, digital education;.

The Creative Track 'Where art and technology collide. Think: video games, digital art, community initiatives.'

The Science Track, which made provisions for participants to share and learn and 'Where leaders in healthcare, the sciences, economic development, public health and academia come together. Think: commercialized technology, creating connectivity, influencing policy'.
The Media Track, where 'The strategy around technology coverage & promotion. Think: content marketing, digital marketing strategy, social networks'.
Dev Track 'where programmers, designers, developers and project managers come together. Think: coding, front and back-end development, and more'.
Business Track, where 'The startup and business community conversation. Think: venture capital, startups, bootstrapping, entrepreneur stories'.

At the Media Track, 'Why your brain loves - Grab Attention. Create Tension. Share Emotions. Triumph. at

The media tracks really provided me a refreshing reminder of the many impact my work has gained from sharing good and authentic stories via new media. Throughout the workshop, the presenters made me realize in their descriptions that my experimenting with new media  provided great value and attention to my work.
The presenters at the media event during Baltimore's innovation week were therefore able to nail it home. They demonstrated how professional media can help provide companies with the kind of visibility necessary to help their companies grow.

For my part, the workshop and presentation was largely a rekindling of part of my broader purpose to use digital media to tell stories, uplift lives, inspire, motivate and move many more people to do great things.

That the use of new innovative media can be used to share stories as far afield as Sierra Leone, could be an understatement. It has been oft proven that the benefits of the internet are plentiful. For the most part, what I try to innovate has leaned largely towards accomplishing humanitarian purpose and educational growth. It has often been meant to serve as an inspiration to people to act positively and change behavior  in a way which will enrich their lives and those of the people around them both personally and at work. It is also to serve to refill that vacuum created when human tragedies strike to subdue people into the physical doldrums.

Even today, as I venture into new start-ups  at #Post-Polonius and #Cardshionary, and as I  lean towards a business company there is a tinge of immediate elements of social good embedded in this. Post-Polonius fills this space to provide 'communication for human value' in a way seldom tested.
Here, inspired by an environmental at the internatiobal turf where the tide flows in a business direction, and where my ventures arrow towards the signs of making profit, I still try to see how I can merge my work in social media to be business-like,  without losing the taste of innovation for social good.

 I am therefore constantly being reminded through  an inner voice, that like much of my humanitarian efforts via innovative media in the last 15 years, the business of my start-up will at the end have the purpose of changing lives.

I am aware that even where my business will make profit, it is about transforming human loss and tragedy, grief and despair  into living and enlivened of the human spirit. It is such that for every click adds value to some life at home or a far away lamd, and it is for every click can help assuage human challenges and save life. In this quest to uplift the human spirit through value in human  lives and all lives on earth,
and the commonality of life's purpose to be the change and make a difference in the lives of others.
At the Motor House Technical.ly Baltimore  attending the Baltimore Innovation Week Dev workshop 

Whilst  everything I do is in service of this purpose, the media workshop has merely amplified that perspective that the vehicle of storytelling provides us with a powerful tool to make change happen.

At the media workshop, I also shared my personal and professional experiences and lessons about ways I have conveyed the stories of victims of war to have sparked emotions, through the internet and videos or short documentary stories in Sierra Leone and undoubtedly have had far reaching effects in the lives of thousands.

It was and still is my belief that through media, we can blend both the intuitive side of us with the emotional side. We can think rationally about issues and others and bring forward a kind of deliberate, rational side to our characters.

Inspired to start up my business, I have experienced clearly enough through interactions with those in the business world that all too often businesses tend to try and connect with people on a rational level, but this isn’t enough to actually change how people behave. People are likely to understand what you want them to do but if they aren’t emotionally engaged they just won’t do it!

This is where Storytelling sets itself apart as a great tool, as it gives leaders a way of inspiring colleagues in a way that appeals to both sides of our character.

Like many people in the start-up business, or innovation, or non profit work, I have continuously used stories to make a clear sense of things.  We all have in a way a story to tell about the importance of our work, our lives and those who are impacted by it. It is the way we tell these stories to impact more positively and with clarity that helps us tick.
In my journey, I have shared stories of those humble beginnings and sources of inspiration to continue work, sometimes in the face of so many high odds.

The very ripple effects it has made in thousands of lives, my interactions and experiences with others I have come into contact with is promotional.
Media and storytelling for me continues to be the perfect human 'lens'  through which I have tried to interpret the world around me and to assist and share the stories of all those who come along my path.

At this event, it was also great to hear from other leaders and innovators who are using these tools effectively and with a shared strategic narrative  to engage people in the wider context of the journey the business is on, giving people a framework to understanding changes and action required.

Often in our stories, we provide a core message we wish to share, and it is important for the core message to provide a learning experience for others, inspire and help shape cultures within business.

I must reiterate that stories especially through digital media have provided me the unique space to discover a niche for my work, and a voice through the power of new media and technologies, and inspired many others to tell their stories. These aspects of media through storytelling have enabled listeners to clearly learn from the implicit meaning of what’s told, enabling them to discover for themselves and own what they need to do for themselves.

This workshop in many respects has also reaffirmed that storytelling is a great tool for leaders seeking new behaviours in their teams. Sharing emotive stories of best practice inspires individuals and teams, helps them learn more quickly and helps companies and organizations to become more visible to the people they serve or provide services for.
As the media team @EarlyLightBalt puts it "Vulnerability is Sexy", and so don't shy away from putting yourself or innovation out there with the fear of being wounded. It is a pretty way to learn and grow from your mistakes. Thankfully in today's media, there are more good intended and done than what is bad which is such a refreshing thing to know, and being at the Baltimore Innovation week does corroborate this experience and motivates one to move in a positive innovation trend.

live. brings authenticity and great value Vulnerability is sexy"

"Our fault is staying disconnected but we are meant to be connected"

Live@BIW2016 Baltimore Innovation Week organised by Technical.ly "Social Media Strategies".

 Thanks to Technical.ly for the great opportunity for me to participate at the Baltimore Innovation Week 2016. A great week that provided networking opportunities, new insight in the unique work of developers and their indispensable contributions in the field of innovation, the opportunity to meet with Baltimore's Businesses professionals and to fine-tune and home my pitching skills.

The awards night recognized innovators from a broad range of innovative  technology that is contributing to transforming Baltimore City, the State of Maryland and US as a whole.

Again, I was spoiled by the city's arts and creativity architecture which does demonstrate all the more reason why innovation thrives here in the whirlpool of an awe-inspiring arts in every place I go. As I walk enroute the Motor House in North Baltimore to attend the Dev workshop, I can not cease to wonder at the creative human spirit that dot the lines of the buildings and Baltimore's city walls 

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