Rythms and Readings, Bultimore Book Festival

Rythms and Readings

The Baltimore Book Festival is home to  hundreds of performances and appearances by local, celebrity and nationally known authors.

And there are lots of raw talents too. You got to see the amazing up-and-coming artist DBS (Deep Beat Speed), rocking the stage and performing his new album at the 2016 Baltimore Book festival on Friday September 23, at 1pm at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and his songs are all on 3D ready for a grab.
DBS was non-stop and his rap and lyrics flowed smoothly and has the tendency to catch a hold of you and make you go frenzy dancing or make you jolting off on your feet.

So he kind of made it flow like it was all poetry and music combined and I think this is a great guy who has a great future.

I got to  tell you that  alongside DBS was also a female artist with a unique and singular voice that flowed across the ocean waves into the air at downtown Inner harbor, a mesmerizing voice, that seem to me that Baltimore will soon bring to the world stage a rebirth of a new Aretha Franklin. From the young female artist voice, I can also discover that potential in her to grow to become a cultural icon in years if she stays on this lyrically path.

Maybe, this young female artist who duos on stage with DBS will follow on the credibility of Aretha Franklyn as a jazz singer and can use her unique talent to help defeat intolerance and embrace unity and bridge the broken bridges and barriers in Baltimore and around the country. Hopefully her voice will be the resounding pitch and a salient vocal appeal to a community that craves for peace, love, equality and a quality of life.

But for this day, the spotlight at the Baltimore Inner Harbor was clearly on the Washington-based artist DBS who has a future ahead. As DBS gets deep into the music game, my thoughts are optimistic that he will not only woo fans with great songs, that tell his artistic story, that touch on real issues and develop his individuality as an artist but get signed for the bigger bucks by a record label.    

There are several book signing opportunities amidst a plethora of exhibitors and booksellers. Then, one gets the pleasant feeling of a continuous  readings on multiple book platforms and cook-out demos by the city’s top chefs, poetry readings, workshops, panel discussions, storytellers and hands-on projects for kids, live music, and a thoughtfully curated  food, craft beer, and wine program.

Indeed at its best, Baltimore’s literary feast with gourmet eats is back! You should not miss the  21st annual Baltimore Book Festival that  where there lots to enjoy. From the new Paws and pages Stage and interact and make acquaintances with a flurry of new friends, or check out everything else the festival has to offer like cooking demos, poetry, workshops, panel discussions, children’s activities, live music, local food and more, the pleasant harbor where you get to see the ships slowly and gracefully anchor at the back of the Inner harbor.  

Bultimore Book Festival


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