Remembering 9-11

Remembering 9-11.

43rd  Annual Catonsville Arts and Craft Festival features September 11th remembrance.

September 11th 2016 10:00 am till 5:00 PM. 

My experience on this amazing journey...of an enjoyable festival filled with a medley of arts, food, fun and shopping, not to forget my favorite crab cakes.

The event was started in 1969 by members of the Catonsville Forward Plan. This group was formed by The Woman's Club of Catonsville, the Rolling Hills Woman's Club and the Catonsville Business Association with a goal of attracting visitors to the Catonsville Village business district. In that first year 52 artists, weavers, ceramists and wood carvers arranged stands near the sidewalks of Frederick Road's 700 block.  The event which is still recognized as a landmark event for over 43 years, provides an inspiration to the people in the community to either start their business or engage in entrepreneurship programs whilst showcasing the best business minds and their products.  The Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival draws artisans from across Catonsville Baltimore to showcasing business from banking Institutions to Benz Automobile company and also the finest one-of-a-kind paintings, pottery, photography, jewelry, fabric creations and much more.
This celebration went on with 9-11 Remembrance in mind. On Sunday 11th September the main street of Frederick Road has been closed to traffic and opened to shoppers who gain access to some of the finest items by their local communities. The event which started from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with  free admission to the public provided the opportunity to experience the creative heartbeat of the city, and innovative business minded people who inspire a community where you can discover some of the most amiable people anywhere in the world.

By 1973 the Catonsville Jaycees took an interest, and their wives formed a group, later known as the Jaycettes who continued to expand the festivities for six more years. For the following four years no one took the responsibility for organizing the festival, but in 1983 the Jaycees resumed the sponsorship. That arrangement flourished until the Catonsville Jaycees disbanded in 1997. The following year a group of experienced community volunteers formed the Catonsville Festival Committee. This alliance was successful for two years. In 1999 the leadership of the festival was turned over to the Director of the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce. Since 2000, the festival is sponsored and operated by the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce along with many volunteers from the community who bring new an innovative ideas for improving the festival each year

To remember the victims of September 11th this all day long event caters for a live music on two stages.

The event also made provision for whole family visit with a tremendous variety of food and unique beverages, and a KidZone with children's activities. 

This is the 44th year, since the Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival runs along both sides of Frederick Road between the Ingleside-Bloomsbury corner and Melvin Avenue and attracts thousands of visitors each year.  

Today hundreds of artists and crafters, who now receive judges' awards, line Frederick Road from the 700 block through the 900 block. In addition to vendors, each year there are exhibits with information offered by local businesses, schools, churches, and civic groups. The local restaurants provide delicious food to try and savor making the Catonsville Festival a true celebration of what makes the town of Catonsville THE PLACE to live, work, shop and play.


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