Bearing Witness to the Resilience - Ellicott City Strong!!

Ellicott City Strong!!
'Once Flooded, They can rise above the tides'. Andrew Benson Greene - Bearing Witness to the Resilience


After the devastating flood in Ellicott City, Howard County in Baltimore on July 20th 2016, there were lives lost and officials determined that 200 buildings had sustained damage from the avalanche. 

Baltimoreans have been bracing themselves to assist the Old Historic City of Ellicott recover from the tragic loss after the flooding swept this quant city away, and drowned the City's Clock that forms part of the  city's heritage.  I have seen this clock stand majestically on Main Street in Ellicott City, and then the car will drive me through the old elevated Baltimore & Ohio Railroad tracks.

The historic significance of the clock is as much worthy to note as the city itself. Wikipedia sources noted that Ellicott city was "Founded in 1772, the town features a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station Museum (with a station built in 1831), as well as a downtown historic district that is a popular destination among antiques shoppers. In July 2005, CNN/Money and Money magazine ranked Ellicott City 20th on its list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States".

Immediately after the flood happened, fund-raising activities at several recreational facilities such as restaurants, bars, and out-door concerts were launched to help in the restoration of this Historic Ellicott City and its properties that are in danger of collapse and possible demolition.

 The community of Ellicott in Howard County Baltimore is pulling itself from the wreckage and horredous floods that inundated several buildings and homes and even swept through second floors.  The rising tide of flood waters went into a rampage as six inches of rain fell in less than two hours, sweeping several automobiles into the river and destroying buildings. 

There were immediate evacuation of residents from Main Street, one of the key areas in Ellicott city  that felt the wrath of the flooding.  Survivors were forced to leave with only the clothes they had on and were unable to return to their homes to retrieve any valued possessions due to the seriousness of the flooding.

I also saw on Fox news that day, that businesses were also hit even harder as the flash flood blew into storefront windows, then battered and tore away walls and building foundations. The floods spared nothing, as it bulldozed its way into shops and building carting away inventory, and destroying  priceless works of art and years of hard work.

Through friends I chatted with around Baltimore, I could corroborate the news that at Howard county business-owners suffered a whooping loss. People are coming to their aid as news go round and there are lots of solidarity being shown by neighborhood counties and the larger Baltimore communities and across Maryland to also help raise support for the survivors and victims families nursing their

wounds from the flood. The strength of this Maryland community is obviously huge as there were first responders who helped to save lives

At Frederick Friday's summer live band and benefit concert, we bought T-Shirts and were adorned in 'Ellicott City Strong' T-Shirts in solidarity with the people of Howard County. The live band 'Acoustic Limit' scheduled on that day August 26th vamped non-stop.

Prior to the flooding, I was drifted to Howard County's library for its first-rate contemporary library facilities. Enroute to Haward Library I could not stop to marvel at the nice little Ellicott City perched upon hill side with narrow roads and wooden houses that brought a rush of nostalgia to me, recollecting memories of my home city Freetown.
Rebuilding will take time but soon like the clock restored and standing tall, the city will remain strong and stand again as they have proven that once flooded, they can rise above the tides.


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