In Project of the Twenty First Century, Joseph Samuel Nye Jr., challenges Our Perception of the World Order

 Project of the Twenty First Century

The Project of the Twenty First Century is launched by a 'unique global group of people producing a new type of think tank and taking advantage of new technology to produce a new type of content. Generating output people read and analyze discussions they remember. In doing so, they are bringing informed insights together and capturing them for all. The Project for the C21st is constantly asking the big questions, documenting events and trends before memories and electronic records fade.' Hive Global Leaders Fellow Ali Wyne is one of those with the Project of the C21st insight.

I was invited to the event hosted by Project of the C21st, a discussion with Joseph Nye which took place on Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 12:30 PM in Washington, DC.

The Event was moderated by Ali Wyne. The Guest Lectures was done by Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr. who made a very powerful presentation and was being interviewed by Ali Wyne about America's position of power and role in the future with the emergence of soft powers like China. Nye says that 'China's growth model has stretched but relies on imitating and stealing technology', but that model should have to change for china to grow.

Nye is a tink-tank. Nye is an American political scientist and former Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He currently holds the position of University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University where he has been a member of the faculty since 1964. Joseph Nye also argues for America's resilience in the decline, attributing it to its founding fathers as if it were in America's gene. Joseph Nye says: 'America was founded by Brits, who felt they were better than people they left behind. The founding fathers were worried about decline and whether they were going to live up to their expectations".

Joe Nye's insight, opened the Pandora's box of discuss to global issues and America's power. Nye touches on America Power in detail and mapped the various countries and regions of the world like China, Brazil, Russia, the European Union that has an eye on the seat of world power that America has sat upon over a century. Joseph Nye argues as he does in his new book 'An end to the American Century?'. 'that the American century is not over, it is only changing'

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