I am a Hiver! I am not alone!


Why do people travel millions of miles to come and debate on issues that they really care about? Hive fellows are driven by a journey to make the world a better place. They are smart, over-accomplished, but unrelenting in their pursuit of putting the smile on every face on the planet again, restoring hope, and through their life's purpose, pursue their dreams on changing the world. what really drives that energy, is the compassion, determination to redesign our world so that it becomes a comfortable place for all, free from the overarching problems that beset our generation.
In just over 3 days, I finally find the answers to these questions from this journey I took to the Hive 2015 Fellowship at the heart of San Francisco. 

I am a Hiver! I am Not Alone!!! (Andrew Benson Greene) Hive Fellow 2015

It's not so often in one's life that one really gets a chance to bump into an incredible bunch of risk-takers, who find immense value in taking such risk to solve world problems. When you are at HIVE Fellows, such binding is imminent and what's resonate amongst all and sundry is a wish for a better and more saner world, and the inner self- satisfaction that flows from the minds and heart (if not soul) of dedicated risk takers super charged in their commitment to change the world. At Hive, I became a learner anew, opening up a clean slate to absorb the incredible information I have learned from everyone, and from time to time when 'taken on the spot' or out of free will compelled to share my incredible 'life purpose'. As we build a sustainable future together each one of you are in the journey of hope with me. 

Hive fellows are sufficiently aware about the virtues in life that keep their strength to unleash their life's purpose. They are aware and concerned about the virtues of love, the oneness of humanity, the importance of unity in diversity, as was exemplified by the different Global leaders who made representation from many countries.  Hive fellows are concerned that their is a great gap and do advocate for equality of life's basic needs, and equality for opportunities.

Bringing together the world's most impactful people and network of leaders is like the proverbial 'finding a needle in a haystack'. In many ways, those HIVERS who made it to the shortlist must have a commonality of purpose which makes them 'come alive'. Like 'Albert Estein puts it, "only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile".  As Hivers, we find utmost pleasure in service to humanity and that really is an enriching fulfillment. 

At the 'Impact Hub Space', symbolic to all HIVERS as a place where our energy for a life long sustainable world has been reawakened for ever. The Impact Hub was that space which saw us cry, laugh, embrace, rejoice, celebrate, revel with others, brainstorm, critique, bombard our revered speakers with questions, scrutinize eachother, encourage one and other, prod-lag eachother into moving forward with our inspiring commitment to our life's journey and purpose.  Hive is a refreshing reminder that in spite of the buzz of violence in the world, in spite of the enormous challenges the world faces at this time, their is a glimmer of hope with positive change makers who will soon take the world from the wilderness of hate and adversity to the shores of opportunities and peace.

Hive is that real world of possibilities where everything positive can be possible. You need not look too far to see a group of Astronaut Hivers ready to plunge into the moon in their quest to discover another half of our planet, you need not look too far to see a risk taker who has left a comfortable -discomforting job and instead finding a fulfillment of changing lives in Rwanda, or a Mayor sharing experiences and learning on making his community more sustainable, or young lawyers with a burning desire for social justice and equality, or CEO's and savvy entrepreneurs sharing their innovative life's journey and forming a life-long community with the diverse groups of other tech-entrepreneurs, Olympic Gold Medalist, human rights activist, University lecturers, doctors and many more.

These intense three days, would not have been successful without the many volunteers at Hive, the incredible work of the HIVE team, and the powerful line up of speakers and yoga trainers. 


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