Doha-Qatar 2010 - 2nd World Innovation Summit for Education

In recent times, Qatar may have been well known around the world for her winning the bid to host the 2022 World Cup. Aljazeera Network, CNN and other news media highlighted this triumph and showed glimpse of this amazing and rapidly growing country of wealth and splendor. But beyond the recent triumph that Qatar has to host the 2022 world cup, is the highly educational WISE summit.

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development held the second
World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha, Qatar, from 7 to 9 December 2010. As founder and CEO of B-Gifted foundation, I was summoned to attend, due to my wide-ranging experience and insight that was an invaluable asset in defining the vision of education that WISE and its participants wish to bring to the world. It was for this reason that I received an invitation to attend this Summit from Chairman H.E Sheikh Abdulla bi Ali al Thami on behalf of Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation to attend.

Hosted over a three days period, the 2010 WISE Summit brought together over 1,000 prominent education, corporate, political and social leaders from all sectors of society across the globe for an intensive program promoting debate, inter-disciplinary exchange, networking, creative thinking and action. Under the overarching and permanent theme of the WISE initiative "Building the Future of Education", it focused on two main areas: "Improving Education Systems" and "Exploring Innovative Trends". In addition to Plenary and Breakout Sessions organized around these subjects, another Plenary Session specifically addressed the crucial issue.

In an interview with the Qatar Tribune, Chairman H.E Sheikh Abdulla bi Ali al Thami Chairman of the WISE summit and Vice Chairman of the Qatar Foundation noted that “we continue to have WISE as a platform for everybody to come together. We continue to have WISE as an action oriented forum. We continue to partner with several Universities. We designed the agenda for the WISE for a global audience. We learn what is good for us from the various initiatives. We know that ICT’s play a major role in education so we try to figure out how we can benefit from it. We designed the agenda of the summit from what is important outside our boarder, rather than inside”. “The idea behind the WISE” he goes on to say “is creating more time for people to come together and network. I think through the WISE we are trying to create more opportunities to dialogue. WISE is the educational DEVOS of the Middle East.” Chairman H.E Sheikh Abdulla bi Ali al Thami also said. “This time, delegates and speakers were given more time to interact than the inaugural WISE summit of last year. Exhibition areas had more information for everyone who attended the summit” I was amazed by the sense of humility, patriotism, determination, hospitality and rapid development of the people of Qatar.
Their sense of modesty was seen in spite of their outstanding feat in a country that simply fuels ones senses with dreams and wonderment. This new iconic city of Doha in Qatar, home to the WISE summit has embraced education as a key and the light that can illuminate the path to development. whilst Qatar has made recent history as host to the world Cup in 2022, the country is rising fast, fulfilling their unique and inspirational vision, with their breathtaking sky-scraping towers, idyllic waterfront, vibrant streets and commercial business parks. Qatar also holds the inspiration and aspiration combined with the prop and stay of special national and international partners. These
organizations and partner institutions have collaborated with Qatar Foundation to conceive and achieve high quality debates and workshops. They institutions include: Agence Universitaire de la Francophone, (AUF), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Institute of International Education, International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), RAND Corporation, United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Al Jazeera Network, Euronews, ExxonMobil Corporation in Qatar, Qatar Petroleum, and Microsoft. These partnerships do demonstrate that Qatar is not just about its beauty and splendor but the premium and heavy emphasis it puts into national and international education goals.

That is in essence why WISE was born a year ago, and that is why 43% rise on the number of Qataris studying abroad in the US alone, a total of 663 Qatari students are currently enrolled in colleges and universities in the US. Allan Goodman, President of the US-based Institute of International Education, (IIE), speaking at a press round table held at the US Ambassador’s residence in Doha, said; “ the growing educational exchanges between the US and Qatar promote closer relationship and dialogue between the two countries.” Moderator: Abu-Wardeh .ima, Journalist and Broadcaster, presenter of BBC World’s Middle East Business Report At the Plenary, Lord David Puttnam, Chairman, Futurelab UK, expressed that ‘ It is a genuine
pleasure to be asked to present. Teachers are the infantry that can help change the world and fight the war against illiteracy. Teachers/pupils represent the foundation. We have to wage a war against a failed present, and build an imaginative /innovative future. We need to be serious about education and urge government to bring new education policies.” He went on to say that “we have to focus on a long term investment on teachers. Revisit the educational budget, conceptualize debt and relevance. This is where technology can help teachers.” “Improving the effectiveness of education by participation in higher education is important and improving the situations of students in the developing world”. He lamented on the Problems of climate change, and that there is a huge Inter-generational alienation such that ‘The young no longer trust us’ because ‘we have stolen their food, and rights. Never before in history have we been living in each other’s pockets. There is an urgent need to bring back young people’s trust and respect.” Another interesting quote from his speech is when he sincerely noted
that “No matter how gifted you are you will never teach successfully anyone who does not trust you.” He concluded that with “Commitment in government, teachers and all other stakeholders in education will make us succeed”. Why innovation matters in school? Innovative teaching practices- teachers learn in and out of the class room, children use ICT and innovative technologies practically. Education has to be of relevance: how to obtain resources relevant to the work is vital. Earning, learning by doing, addresses motivation are all key elements. Making money motivates teaches and learners as well to be very proactive. They have to sell what they produce and use renewable energy. Learning to be productive and entrepreneurial is very important. Let’s try to be innovative and that education can also strive to
pay for itself. Amongst the many workshops and plenary sessions attended, I was drawn to one of the breakout sessions on improving educational systems particularly the section and workshop that focused on “Education and reconciliation”. In Post-conflict zones, reconciliation between the past and present individuals and communities. Speakers who delivered on the topic of education and reconciliation are: Dr. Fanie Du Toit, (Executive Director for Institute for Justice and
Reconciliation in South Africa, Prof Brandon Hamber, Director ‘The International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE), university of Ulster, (UK) to name but a few. Technology made it possible for Jeffery Sachs to address the summit from New York via video conference. Jeffery Sachs. Director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet, Professor of Sustainable Development and Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University; Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary –General Ban ki-Moon (USA), said from a video conference in New York that “Education is the key empowerment to be able to function well in this world. Every society in the world faces the challenge of gaining quality education. Education is about the entire life-time. Early child hood development safe environment, low stress, preschool are crucial before further education start to give children the right to use their potential. Secondary education is also crucial for also young girl”…What WISE is championing is at the heart and soul of societal development. We live in the digital ways. Wireless broadband makes it possible to bring a whole village school in Africa connected to schools around the world. H.E. Abdulla bi Ali Al Thani, PhD, Chairman of WISE noted Thank you for all the feels that you have expressed both for the world cup bid., we do believe in Qatar that indeed we should work hard more than just thinking,. We must work before we talk. The most important lesson that we have realized is that the young people of Qatar and the Arab world is about the participatory. Well- defined practice can also help create an impact into the international arena. Wise has created a launching pad. This conference will give free access to those participating in the project and to yield qualitative leap. WISE looks at very serious projects that are marketable and that can be implemented. We all strive to achieve the MDG and to do this we have to be realistic. During the
conference, I realized how close you were to the issues of the MDG and we had very
constructive ideas, and if all these ideas are properly used will bring new possibilities for qualitative approach. Education for all is one of the main MDG.
WISE is about outcomes. Decisions in the cause of the coming year will help shape WISE. I will like to know more about the many interactions, a website for the exchange of ideas and expand networks and opportunities, sited HAITI as an example of a place to assist and unite in seeking innovative ways to build educational system from the ground-up He mentioned the significant new tool for the global community and announced the international awards have celebrated success and triumph. There has been no major price for what happening around the world. The WISE prize for education that is newly announced will represent the aspirations of innovators in education. We have made real progress in this years program. Want
to thank partners and sponsors. We hope to provide education for the marginalized and provide opportunities in conflict zones. Vicky Colbert, founder and Director at Escuela Nueva puts it this way, “we need an adaptable system of education”.
Her Majesty Sheikha Mozah Bint Al Missned chairperson of the Qatar Foundation
In her key note to the Second World Innovation Summit for Education, Her Majest Sheikha Mozah Bint Al Missned chairperson of the Qatar Foundation said: “ innovation, creativity and best practices are key to the success of this summit.” These words resonated in my mind because I was at Qatar not only to create an establish networks and a long-standing collaboration for BGifted but also to showcase B-Gifted Foundation’s mission in its use of creativity, innovation
and technology to achieve its goals in Sierra Leone. B-Gifted’s mission to use creativity and technology to achieve its goals comes appropriately in the relevance to the conference goals at the WISE Summit, as set out by the Qatar Foundation. Her Majesty Sheikha Mozah Bint Al Missned noted that “ the Qatar Foundation created WISE not merely as a summit, but also as a platform to stimulate dialogue and collaboration among the many individuals and organizations committed to education and to inspire the most original and effective new ideas”. Wise 2010 thus pursued its vision of sustainable innovative education that reaches out to those in need and helps improve the quality of education for all. Her highness emphasized that the United Nations Millennium development Goals are the internationally agreed platform for promoting equality, ending poverty and hunger, respecting the environment and promoting healthy life-styles. The MDG’s can only be achieved through education . WISE is providing a timely opportunity to think about the importance of education as the pillar of sustainable development.” In Sierra Leone, post-conflict encumbrances such as poverty and economic crises, ill-health, trauma, impact and impede the quality of education and the access to quality education both at the primary, secondary and even tertiary institutions.

At B-Gifted Foundation, we strive to narrow some of these gaps and contribute to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. Working closely with other groups such as Heart in Action Enterprise, we hope to connect youth not just in Sierra Leone but throughout Africa. We intend to provide access to various projects from around Sierra Leone and across Africa that are taking action towards promoting and making changes and positive transformations in the world. The host organizations are dedicated to providing the most advanced communications technology available to enable and empower individuals and groups to collaborate on and find solutions for critical and key problems and issues faced by the world.

B-Gifted Foundation Sierra Leone striving to bring basic primary education as part of the MDG for children of amputee parents at the amputee camps in Northern Sierra Leone, and hope to build schools for these children so that they can study in a conducive and safe learning environment. I was delighted to be part of the growing WISE community to further attract the educational sector to be able to help shape policies that can improve education in Sierra Leone through the examples set by WISE, and the summit actually sparked my imagination and inspired me more towards contributing in the area of educational development and innovative approaches.

It is my hope and that of B-Gifted that through the WISE program and its partners, B-Gifted will find and provide concrete solutions in education and enable the young people of Sierra Leone who have been impacted by war and war’s effect to acquire quality and valuable education that can impact. B-Gifted Foundation hopes to gain support to Providing more access to Information Communication Technology for youth in post-conflict Sierra Leone B-Gifted Foundation congratulates QATAR FOU.DATIO., PART.ERS A.D WISE for hosting such a wonderful summit in 2010 and looking forward to practically putting into actions the lessons learnt from this summit. Wish the best of luck for WISE 2011 and collaborative projects and networking opportunities.

Andrew Benson Greene
B-Gifted Foundation Sierra Leone
52 Spur Loop Freetown Sierra Leone
Tel: 00232-33-246994 Fax: 00232-22-224439





Welcome to the 2nd World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).

Andrew Benson Greene Founder and CEO of B-Gifted Foundation of Sierra Leone www.bgiftedfoundation.cfsites,org has been summoned to attend the 2nd World Innovation Summit(WISE) held in Doha Qatar from the 7th to the 9th of December 2010. The Summit is organized by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and community Development. The summit brings together 1,000 prominent education, corporate, political and social leaders from all sectors across the globe for an intensive program promoting debate, inter-disciplinary exchange, networking, and creative thinking and action. Under the overarching and permanent theme of the WISE initiative,’ Building the future of Education, it will focus on two main areas: Improving Educational Systems” and exploring innovative trends’.

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