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Andrew Benson Greene has set himself apart from others in his field. He is currently the Founder and CEO of B-Gifted foundation of Sierra Leone. www.bgiftedfoundation.cfsites.org and the West African Represntative of the Global Peace Partners Inc. Andrew Greene has 10+ years experience in the non-profit sector, youth and technology and the issues of former child soldiers and human rights of children in areas of conflict. His slogan is 'just as it takes acts of war to make war, it takes acts of peace to make peace'. Andrew has worked tirelessly to locate resources so that children and youth can engage in global education for peace building and human rights. His initiatives helped to train over 800 Sierra Leonean youth and children to develop ICT skills with the intent to reclaim their potentials as productive citizens. His project has touched the hearts of so many people. In an interview with Tracy Logan, producer of 'Go Digital Technology' at the BBC studios in London in 2003, Andrew stated to the world that; "we are proud of our accomplishment so far, but remain in dire need of technical, moral and financial support to train our youth, and give them a voice through the power of new technologies and the internet". He has traveled world-wide, from Beijing to Moscow, to Washington, to share his vision of using information technology amongst children and war scarred youth. A referee once noted that: 'Mr. Greene's efforts have had a profound effect on the minds of young people around the world, from Sierra Leone to Cambodia to Afghanistan. His efforts attracted the United Nations to his project as a model to be used in countries affected by war". Mr. Greene contributed enormously as a Guest Speaker to the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA in Ottawa, in 2004 during the International Corporation Days Millennium Development Goals: Moving from Consensus to Momentum. He was also a speaker and presenter at the 'Africa Now Untold Stories Conference', hosted and supported by CIDA at the University of Carleton in Ottawa, Canada in 2005, where with other distinguished speakers like Alan Rock (Former Justice Minister of Canada), and Romeo Dellariara (The decorated Canadian General), he helped to raise over 5 Million Canadians Dollars through the Canada Fund for Africa, for War Affected Youth in Africa. He was a presenter at the Youth Panel of the 1st World Summit on Information Society in Geneva, and the 1st World Ethics forum for Leadership and Integrity in Oxford UK. Mr. Greene has gathered multiple awards, citations, and bursaries for his peace building efforts and Internet-based innovations. For several years in Sierra Leone, he has overseen and coordinated the successfully implementation of War Child Canada DFAIT funded project No War Zone. Andrew was a distinguished Sauvé scholar at McGill University, Montreal Canada. Mr. Greene was contracted twice by the World Bank in DC to produce video documentaries for the World Development Report 2007 focusing on youth unemployment in Sierra Leone and the ‘Next Generation. In 2003, he was the script writer, mentor, and producer of the Internationally acclaimed award-winning video, 'We don't wanno war' for Beyond Borders, Personal Stories from a small Planet hosted by Listen UP! in NY, USA. In 2005, he made a significant contribution to the book, 'Raise Your Voice, Lend A Hand, Change The World' written by Susan Hughes and produced by Scholastic Canada. He holds a BA in English Civil Law and International Relations and is currently a double Masters Candidate for an MA Program in Coexistence and Conflict in US. Andrew is a real trailblazer. Another referee noted: "It’s not just that Andrew Greene is mold breaking. What’s most important is that he is a powerful model for other young African leaders".

 His Professional Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bgiftedfdn

 His fire-blazing blog: www.traversewithandrewgreene.blogspot.com

 His Honors: www.sauvescholars.org

 His vision: www.bgiftedfoundation.cfsites.org

 His courage: http://www.couragetotraversethethreshold.blogspot.com

 His artistry: www.digitalselfpotrait.blogspot.com

Breath-taken Milestones & Achievements of Founder in relation to the strength of his vision, courage, Recognition for peace, human rights, and ICT at the national and International Level: Andrew sets himself apart from others in his field.

 Andrew the Director won the 2004/5 Sauvé Scholarship from Jeanne Sauvé the first woman named Governor General of Canada to enroll at McGill University in Canada in August 2004.

 Jeanne Sauve Scholar Andrew Benson Greene was Shortlisted winner and finalist at The Global Junior Challenge in Rome Italy 2007, and honoured to be invited for the awards. His winning presentation which has been so far replicated in other war-affected countries is: "Closing The Digital Gap Amongst Children and Youth Emerging from Wars". This was on the Fourth edition of the Global Junior Challenge, which took place in Rome from the 3rd to 5th of October 2007. It was hosted by the 'Fondazione Modeo Digitale', (a non-profit organization founded by the Municipality of Rome). He was welcomed to participate at the exhibition of finalist projects of the 'Global Junior Challenge' (Rome, Galileo Galilei Institute) and at the Award Ceremony (Rome, Campidoglio City Hall) in the presence of the Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni.

 Jeanne Sauve Scholar Andrew Benson Greene won the Cable & and Wireless ChildNet Awards Science Museum in London, UK in April 2003 in the new to the net category. In endorsing the awards, former Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair noted that 'The Internet is for everyone, providing social and economic advantage and limitless opportunities to all those who use the web. We are delighted to welcome the winners to the UK, one of the world's most connected economies.' Swati Patel and Joe Franses from Cable & Wireless joined the winners during the Awards week. Cable & Wireless is one of the world's leading telecommunication companies. Provider to the largest users of telecoms services across the Globe.

 Andrew Benson Greene was shortlisted and commended by the Threshold Foundation in Germany - Bremen Peace Awards 2003. Under the category of the award for the Unknown Peace Worker, Andrew was commended by The Threshold Foundation, in Bremen, Germany for his peace mission via tele-education. This category targets at little known, small initiatives/projects, but also at committed single persons working in the fields above with special emphasis for unconventional initiatives at the grassroots level of peace work

 Beyond Borders Listen Up Award winning video project for personal stories from a small Planet Hosted by Listen Up New York, USA
'We don't wanno war' was the title of Andrew's video which was featured in CNN amongst 15 shortlisted entries from around the world.

 Lead Presenter at the African-Canadian Youth Symposium for Leadership and Integrity, held at the Coady International Institute, Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada June 2003.

 Andrew was Guest Speaker at The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). THIMUN exist to uphold the principles of the United Nations amongst the young. 2004

 His presentation for the 'Migration between States and Markets for the Research Committee (RC31), University of Liege Belgium 2003. His presentation in 2003 was 'Refugees and their Impact Upon Migration'.

 March 8th, 2005: Andrew Benson Greene Jr participated in a Global Peace Exhibition at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC, titled ‘Building a culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the world.

 December, 2003: He represented Sierra Leone at the 1st World Summit on the Information Society WSIS in Geneva, Switzerland at the Palexpo Exhibition Centre on the theme "Bridging the digital divide”.

 His experience in witnessing the launching of the GeSCI in 2003, a Global Initiative proposed by the UN-ICT Taskforce has been used to propel his organization's goals and vision. This initiative was supported by the European Commission, to connect schools and communities before the year 2015. "...Mrs Kofi Annan noted that ..."and having met so many young ones with their eyes glittering with hopes and dreams, I feel we have to do everything we can to help turn these dreams into reality, and in today's world we must use all our tools in our disposal"

 Andrew as director of International Education hosted his first International Workshop in China 2000 ‘Use Of Tele-communications Technology to illustrate ‘Conflict Resolution in the 21st Century’

 Made a trio presentation ‘The Predicaments Faced by Child Soldiers' with Andrew as lead presenter at the University of Cape Town, in Cape Town, South Africa July 2001.

 As a Sauve Scholar, he was invited by the Canadian Government to make Presentations at the CIDA Human Security Conference 'War to Peace Transition' supported by CIDA, UNICEF and The Pearson Peace Keeping Centre in Ottawa. 2005

 Andrew made presentations at the iEARN International conference in Moscow, Russia in 2002. 'The overall theme was Putting Humanware before hardware and software'. Andrew's Presentation was 'May Peace Prevail On Earth'.

 Founded the B-Gifted Foundation - (Benson - Greene International Foundation Towards Enhancing Development) 2007 which is loving memory of his Dad who bears the name.
 Andrew Attended the ‘African Canadian Youth Leadership Symposium in St Francis Xavier in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada as a lead Presenter in July 2003

 Andrew was a Guest Speaker at the Hague International Model United Nations in January 2004 the Hague, Netherlands. He also taught peace studies at the International School of Amsterdam

 Andrew meets with and made links with Romeo Dalliare and Secretary David Hyman in the following conferences: ‘Peel District School Board Conference’ in Toronto November 2004, The International Corporations Days Hosted By CIDA in November 2004, and the ‘Africa Now Untold Stories Conference at Carleton University in March 2005, and later at the Kofi Annan International Peace Training Centre in Accra Ghana.

 Director Andrew Greene named ‘My Hero’ in 2004 www.myhero.com that celebrates the best of humanity.

 Andrew was selected by the World Bank in DC to participate amongst other notables such as Mary Robinson and presented at the 1st World Ethics Forum for Leadership and Integrity in Oxford England April 2006.

 Andrew was chosen to become an adviser for teen producers at the Irmas International Youth Media Summit in Los Angeles California. July 2006. He had the privilege to meet with and consult with Hollywood film-makers and stars, and helped teens around the world to produce videos, Public Service Announcements (PSA), on themes that include Peace and war(violence), racism, environment, health, women's issues, youth empowerment, poverty, etc

 Andrew was a Guest Speaker at the Education without Borders (United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi) February 2007 and met with such renowned individuals as Professor Muhammad Yunus 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Plácido Domingo (world-renowned award-winning singer and conductor), Professor Johannes Georg Bednorz, (1987 Nobel Prize for Physics), Chris Cramer, (former CNN Director) to name but a few

 Andrew Greene was summoned as Guest Speakers in a campus-wide lectures, at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio on the topic ‘Children in the Crossfire’. March 2007. His expertise was also requested in a one day campus-wide lectures at neighbouring Nazarene University in Ohio, USA.

 Was chosen as one of 5 Young Leaders chosen from across the continents at the Technopreneurship conference hosted by Y2Y, World Bank in Washington DC. As part of week long celebrations to mark the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations that year, the WB's Youth to Youth Community (Y2Y), in association with the East Asia and Pacific Vice Presidency , IT SLC Quickstart Learning Program, eDevelopment Thematic Group, UNANCA, TakingITGlobal, YABT (OAS) and IDB YOUTH hosted a day of activities on Youth led development, on October 27th 2005, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. Other participants include;
*Saurav Kumar, Co-founder, Community Friendly Movement (CFM) - India, Educating for sustainable development through the use of Information and communication Technologies (ICT):
*Cecilia Iglesias, Founder, EcoPibes - Argentina,
*Andrew Benson Greene, of Sierra Leone; co-Founder, Child Soldiers Project - Sierra Leone
*Wu Yang, Founder, Household Wastewater Recycling Management Project - China

 Andrew was consulted and contracted by the Global Integrity Alliance USA as a Contract Reader in 2005.

 Andrew made several presentations to the youth at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area. California 2008

 Andrew visited Connie Linda of the Insight Creative Communications, Peer1 Network and benefactors (for possible development of his Projects in Canada, April 2007. the result of the visit was a meeting held with several British Columbia investors and the support of a 1Giga Bytes per second internet service support to his project.

 Andrew was a participant at the Exercise Prodigal Child – Child soldiers simulation Exercise Accra Ghana 2007.

 Successfully Implemented the Plan Netherlands initiative 'Rap for Rights' April 2004. This powerful and creative initiative is committed to a tireless global campaign of making the issue of children’s rights known. Using rap music and social activism, Plan Netherlands targets politicians and educates them about the need to restore the dignity of children, the rights of the child and the rights of humanity as a whole. In the process, participants are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others.
Under the title ‘Rap for Rights’ a number of 'rising' Dutch rappers travel to Africa, Asia and Latin America to make contact with children living in extreme circumstances. The rappers’ tour includes, among other countries, Indonesia, Honduras, and Guinea where they meet child workers, war affected youth, child soldiers, and youth gangs.

 Formally Launched the International Education and Resources Network Program at the National Stadium in 2003 supported by Dr. Denis Bright, former Minister of Youth and Sports

 Andrew helped to successfully pilot the Digital Ambassador's Project or widely known as the Planet Project using Palm Pilot Computers in a Global Digital Survey, supported by Microsoft, 3Com Corporation in America, and the International Education and Resource Network in 2000

 Andrew was supported by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) to participate at the 2004 'Leaders in Action for Education Conference in Toronto.

 Andrew was consulted by the World Bank in DC 2007 (and as part of the consultation team) produced video documentaries for the World Development Report, focusing on youth unemployment and the 'Next Generation'.

 Andrew was consulted and contracted by the Open Society Institute in Budapest in his use of ICT in education and post-conflict Societies 2005.

 Andrew was selected as the West African Representative for the Global peace Partners Inc USA 2009

 Andrew contributed to the Harvard University Program on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (PON) presented by Dr. Frank Elbers PhD. 2004

 Andrew was in the short list of the Digital Visions Fellows at Standford University, California in 2004.

 Andrew taught peace and non-violence at the WH Day Elementary School in Bradford, Ontario Canada 2004/5

 Andrew Taught Peace at the Anthropology Class at the Concordia University Montreal Canada 2005

 Andrew was Chair person at the three days workshop. The theme of the forum was: 'ICT and the Youth: A Rebirth After War' and was held at the British Council in Freetown Sierra Leone 2003, where the youth of Sierra Leone, leaders in the new round of information technology, hosted radio discussion and phone-in programmes over two days and a three-day national interactive forum to synchronize the WSIS activities with the preparations in Geneva, Switzerland.

-Presentations UNFPA - Sierra Leone 'State of the world Population' - (Moving Young) 2006 Miatta Conference Freetown.

Contributed to the Global Campaign for Education with a PowerPoint Presentation on April 9th 2003 (the largest simultaneous lesson and a world record attempt at the largest lesson in support of the campaign for Global Education for All

 Campaign for Good Governance, Democracy and Human rights in Conakry, Guinea 1998, producing advocacy materials for the restoration of democracy in Sierra Leone

 Student Representative Council (SRC) Fourah Bay College 1995-6

 *Assist Secretary General for the Fourah Bay College Students Union Government 1996-1998

 School Prefect, Bo Government Secondary School 1992/3

* Secretary (Catholic Youngmen's Association) (CYO) LAdy Star of the Sea Juba Freetown 2005-6

 Radio and TV showcase -
-BBC Studios interviews London 2002,
BBC Studios 2003 (Go Digital Technology) with interviews with Tracy Logan
- Tele-Quebec, Montreal, Province of Quebec Canada 2005

 Other media featured series:
- Canada's Globe and Mail June 2004
- BBC world service news (Technology 2003)
- Sierra Leone news 2003
- SLBS TV (now SLBC), ABC TV, 2003/4/5/6
-Radio Democracy Sierra Leone 2001
- UNAMSIL Radio 2006
- Star Radio 2010

Belief In:'Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democratic rights and freedoms. In its very first session in 1946, before any human rights declarations or treaties had been adopted, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 59(I) stating "Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and ... the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated."Other Contributions,Quotes, Commendations and Awards:Aureal Writers Club Awards 1996James B. Boskey Memorial Fresh Faces Awards, 2000Goi Peace Foundation Essay Writing Awards 2000Cable and Wireless Childnet awards 2003Bremen Peace Commendation -Threshold Foundation Germany 2003Beyond Borders Listen Up Awards 2003Sauve Scholars Awards 2004Global junior Challenge Awards 2007In addition Greene was on the shortlist for the 'digital Visions Fellows' at Stanford University california USA.


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